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17 Apr Tote Bag Tastic
caroline 0 800
Yet again the time is speeding by and we are already almost through Easter and mid-way through April. It’s been a busy month here at Appleton Print HQ. This month we have mostly been practising our em..
22 Mar Customised Numnah for Amy
caroline 0 875
We have recently been asked to add a sponsorship logo to a numnah (saddle pad), which, thanks to the powerful embroidery machine stitched out no problem. ..
17 Mar It's our 1st birthday!
caroline 0 930
It's our 1 year anniversary today.  One year since we registered with Companies House. We went from buying a Roland plotter/cutter second hand on Facebook Marketplace for fun - to becoming a limited, ..
13 Mar What we've been printing this week
caroline 0 780
It’s been a busy week here at HQ. Our little company is building slowly and it’s very exciting to watch these amazing items come in and go out again. We have helped a local neighbour with some paper p..
05 Feb All about the embroidered beanie
caroline 0 841
Product Spotlight today is on the all round universal promotional item – the embroidered beanie.Newly added to our product range - the beanies listed on the website are not only kind to your head – ..
01 Feb Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
caroline 0 471
After Christmas and into the month of February already, would you believe it. Time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts for those who still have a little romance in their lives. We have a rea..
22 Apr The very beginnings of Appleton Print Ltd.
caroline 0 5331
Whew! 2020 was a bit of a blow out and so far 2021 hasn’t faired much better. This time round coming out of lock down felt a bit different – a bit more long term, but it’s still early days as I’m writ..
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