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Flame Resistant Embroidery for race suits & motor sports

For specialist applications we have Madeira FireFighter thread, in 30 different colours, available for use.

Motor sport embroidery Race suit embroidery

These threads will not catch fire or melt or bubble onto the skin when they have been through the embroidery machine and formed into a patch or design.

This is great for race suits, fire uniform, or for any other circumstances where fire may be an issue.

For motor sport, workwear & protective clothing this embroidery complies with all of the required fire safety regulations.

The top thread, bottom thread and the backing that we use is all safe for use and certified to comply with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

This thread is made from 100% fire resistant Aramid and also contain NOMEX® fibres.  The only difference between the appearance of the flame resistant thread and standard thread is that the FIREFIGHTER thread is matt, rather than a glossy or shiny finish.

Embroidery created using these threads and backing will resist ignition and prevent flames from spreading.

Once the embroidery is no longer subject the heat source, it will self extinguish and will not rely and adhere to skin or any other surface.

These threads and embroidery produced using the Madeira FIREFIGHTER range with associated Aramid backing are inherently resistant to catching on fire when exposed to fire or flames.

These threads are not chemically treated - this is an inherent property of the thread, making sure that any race suits or other garments will not be compromised should things go wrong.

These jobs are usually all unique so to receive a quote for embroidery using these threads please send an email to detailing your requirements, or fill in the quote form to the right, and a member of the team will contact you to confirm details.

It isn't much more expensive than standard embroidery, but well worth the extra protection.

Tested to DIN EN ISO-15025

Allows the following certifications to be obtained:

  • DIN EN 61482-1-2 K1
  • DIN EN 469
  • DIN EN ISO 14460
  • DIN EN ISO 11612 A, B & C
  • DIN EN 13034 K1
  • DIN EN ISO 11611
  • DIN ES ISO 14116 *

* Or other national standards: DIN 4102 Part 1 B1, NF P92 503.4.5, BS 5867, UNI 9177, NFPA701, IMO FTPC part 2